Press’n Seal®

Every square inch of Glad® Press‘n Seal® wrap is ready to help you protect your food. It seals tight on a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic and wood. Of course it seals tight to itself, too, so you can create custom-shaped bags to help protect and freeze food in individual portions. And it’s fine to use in the microwave, too.

Check out lucky #13 in our Glad® Press'n Seal® video series: Reasons to Believe in Magic here.

Press’n Seal®
Press’n Seal®

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"Nice Seal and good looking"

I loved the cling power. It worked very easily. I had no problem with the packaging. I find many products with similar packaging tend to come apart at the sides, so I just keep adhesive tape in my kitchen drawer to re-attach the sides and that does the trick. I got the seasonal package with a snowflake design on the wrap and that was very attractive. I would love to see other designs throughout the year.

— JVille7

"Wonderful product"

I have been using Glad Press'n Seal for the last few years. When I first started covering leftovers with it, it was a little difficult to use. It stuck together, and was awkward. In the last few months, however, I noticed some welcome changes in the product. Now it can be cut easily and is much better. Thank you for the improvements in the Press'n seal.

— Veg66