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Let's take a stronger stand against waste

Bags manufactured with less plastic. Food containers that can be washed and reused. Together, we can make small changes that add up to a big difference, for you and the environment.

In The News

  • Maybe you noticed that the drawstrings on some of our bags have switched from red to black. This small manufacturing change lets us recycle 2 million additional lbs. of plastic, without losing strength. Win-Win!
    Glad proudly supports Labels for Education.  Purchase Glad® Food Storage products, collect UPCs and redeem them for points toward free educational merchandise for your child’s school. Visit LFE
    Glad reuses scrap plastic, we reduced packaging materials for our tall kitchen trash bags, and we recycle whatever we can’t reuse. We’re also working to reduce our energy footprint, from sourcing and manufacturing to delivery.
    Glad® Tall Kitchen Bags innovation results in a reduction of 6.5 million pounds of waste annually — it’s like keeping the equivalent of 140 million trash bags out of landfills every year.
  • Glad worked with the city of Seattle to help promote participation on the city’s composting program through product sampling and education initiatives at city events and with local bloggers.
    Glad’s Ontario Canada plant held a “dumpster dive” to advance waste reduction at the facility. By identifying and eliminating the last recyclable items from the waste stream, a facility can earn a “Low Waste” designation.
    In Princeton, NJ, Glad helped launch a pilot program to distribute one thousand cartons of Glad® Compostable bags along with kitchen compost bins – the first-ever compost program of its kind in New Jersey!
    This past May, Glad met the annual Sustainable Brands Conference One Bag challenge. More than 1,200 pounds of waste was diverted from landfill, and only one bag of trash was sent to landfill during the 4 conference days.
  • In August 2011, the Clorox sales meeting was the first event to go One Bag. Even with 400+ attendees, the event generated just one bag of waste each day, thanks to thoughtful planning and diversion stations.
    This past Spring, Glad worked with an Eco Event planner who helped a loving – and conscious – couple host a One Bag wedding, complete with local flowers, foods and reusable dishware.
    This past Earth Day, seven Clorox locations held One Bag events – from one bag barbecues for 60+ employee teams to one bag cafeteria. There are so many ways to go One Bag!
    Glad’s Fairfield facility held a barbecue with about 60 people attending, where they kept all landfill waste down to just one bag, filling up 3 bags with recyclable waste.
  • Glad’s Kennesaw facility held an Earth Day event and was able to fit all of their non-recyclable office/kitchen waste into one Glad 13-gallon kitchen bag!
    We’ve been partners of Keep America Beautiful for 27 years, providing millions of bags for the Great American Clean-up and more recently supporting America Recycles Day waste reduction and composing efforts on college campuses.