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Freezer Zipper Gallon

Freezer Zipper Gallon Bags

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Trust a Glad® Zipper Freezer Bag to help keep food fresh.
Availability may vary — please call your local store to verify that they have it in stock.
  • Durable

    Extra thick and durable

  • Freezer Burn Protection

    Prevent freezer burn with extra thick, durable plastic and a zipper lock that securely closes every time

  • Seals Tight

    A double-lock green seal show you that the bag is firmly closed

  • So Many Uses

    Organize household items or pack smaller items when you travel

The Right Size for Everything

These gallon bags can hold several days’ worth of berries for your go-to smoothie recipes.

Dimensions: 10-9/16 in x 10-3/4 in | 3.79 L
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