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scents that take you back

Ah, scent-stalgia. That indescribable feeling in which a smell evokes a memory.

For Glad, no scents could be more iconic to the home than those of Gain, Febreze and Pine-Sol. A line of trash bags that combines Glad strength with these three classic scents was the collaboration of our dreams.

Then suddenly, we had a fresh flashback. The Glad Girl Group! We needed one of their classic throwback hits to deliver this message to their fans.

Confident, empowered performers with unmatched lyrical prowess ready to hit the stage, Glad bag in hand. And whether you’re a Gainiac, saying Yes Please, Febreze or Feelin’ Pine-Sol Fresh-taking out the trash needs a soundtrack.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get ready for Glad strength with scents that take you back. DJ press play on that trashy track!