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Glad® ClingWrap grips tight, seals easily and protect the food you love, helping to keep it fresher, longer. It’s easy to handle, microwave‐safe and contains no plasticizers, so you can reheat with confidence.


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"This product never fails!"

We've all experienced plastic wraps that wad up into a ball after tearing some off. This wrap never, ever does that. And it really does cling to the container being wrapped. I bought a 3-pk of Glad Cling Wrap at Costco so I'll always have it on hand.

— kubdak

"By far the best product out there in my opinion!!"

I ONLY purchase Glad cling wrap. I have on a few ocassions purchased other brands, but there is no comparison to Glad's cling wrap. I am not typically picky about products, but I will NOT purchase any other cling wrap but Glad!!

— Kathy