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Sandwich Zipper

Food isn’t the only thing Glad® bags are good at protecting. In addition to being perfect for school lunches and picnics, you can use them to organize household items and to pack smaller items when you travel. The wide, double-lock green seal closes securely for complete protection, yet it’s always easy to open and close.

Sandwich Zipper
Sandwich Zipper

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"Only Glad"

I personally always use only Glad bags. Actually not only sandwich, but any size. I believe the quality is far superior to any competitors or as I call them, generics. Now don't get me wrong I use a lot of generic products, I am not a generic snob. However there are a few things I want name brand, and Glad bags is one of them. I use the them in all sizes to put leftovers in the fridge. Saves a lot of dishes! I use them for making ice bags,also to freeze food in. I use them for so many things you would simply get tired of my ranting. Only Glad for me please!

— Suzannah 1

"Count on the zipper to stay closed.Sell MK products & I put samples,business cards,Survey,pen & candy,woman love candy,it gets them to open the bag."

I use many of the glad products, the stretch glad bags for the garbage as they never rip on me, and I am disabled and can't take the chance, that would be awful. Its not worth a couple pennies. Freezer Bags are great. Food stays fresh a long time in the freezer bags, although I don't leave things frozen really that long. OR Leftovers you put in for guests to bring home food in. The Glad bowls are the greatest invention. No more tupperware that every relative or friend keeps and you never get back, this way you buy the 3 bowls in the container for 2.89 and you don't care if they are returned, if they are great my husband takes food to work with him.

— MaryKay Sample Lady