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Small Snack

Say hi to GladWare® Containers. These little snackers feature interlocking lids that close easily and seal tight, to help you protect the perfect portion of fruit, veggies or your favorite treat so it will stay fresher, longer. They’re microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-friendly, too.

Small Snack
Small Snack

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"Perfect for single serving left-over portions!"

I use these to divide my casserole leftovers into single servings. When my "boys" want a "home-cooked" meal, they just have to go to the freezer and pull one of these out to heat and eat! They fit perfectly into my husband's lunchbox and I keep a couple of sets #of 6# in my "storage container" drawer at all times...they are so handy! Thank you for providing a reasonably-priced portion-control option for my family that is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe!

— Mary62

"Great for portion control and pre -planning eating but dislike lid center."

When I started a new exercise and nutrition program, these were perfect to help me pre- plan portions of my meals. With portions being mainly 3/4- 1 cup this 1 1/8 cup size was perfect. However, I dislike the round "Glad" center of the lid because it sticks up too high and the containers with attached lids don't nest in the other and they can slide off each other if moving a stack without holding either all or gently holding the top and bottom containers. Maybe this round thing is so the mfg only had to make one lid for this new "lunch to go" thing that has a small dressing type insert container. This size is too small to need that. I've had one full of cottage cheese fall out of my parked car and didn't have any spill or open. It's a good size for what I needed. I use to mix plain Greek yogurt with a smaller portion of flavored and make up several for my breakfasts. I also portion out veggies in them. Seem pretty durable but lid design and could be better. I'd want then to stack better and be easier to clean with less indentations. It would also be nice to have a larger smooth place to write info (or put a removable sticker) such as contents, date and size ( ie fat free cottage cheese 3/4 cup , Tuesday 11/13 or best by date etc.) . Right now I just put FF 3/4 as it is in permanent marker. I've purchased 5 sets so I don't have to wash them up as frequently and I always have some if I need clean ones.

— mindfuleating