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  • Collections
  • Plastic Wrap

    Glad® composting and recycling bags make it easy to contribute to a cleaner environment. Fill up our indoor and outdoor recycling bags with your recyclables. Throw compost into our biodegradable compost bags, designed to disintegrate along with the compost. And reduce waste with our 65% recycled bag.

  • Containers

    Pack lunches, snacks, fruit and more in GladWare® food storage containers. Just snap the lid on to seal in freshness and prevent messy leaks. These ultra portable containers are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. And lids even lock and stack together to help you conquer cabinet clutter.

  • Food Bags

    Glad® Food Storage and Freezer Bags seal tight to keep food fresh. Glad® Freezer Bags are thick, to better protect food against freezer burn. Glad® Food Bags are designed for easy gripping, sealing and opening. And our Yellow and Blue Make Green® Seal lets you know when the bag is sealed tight.

Small trash bags are perfect for office and bathroom and make taking out the trash a breeze. Glad® small trash bags and trash can liners will keep your can clean. Choose from a variety of styles including odor control and ForceFlex® bags which are designed to carry the heaviest loads without tearing.