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Professional Strength Drawstring Bags

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Professional Strength Drawstring Bags
When you need to get ’er done, these heavy-duty bags won’t rip, tear or let you down.
  • Stretchable Strength

    Haul the heaviest loads without worrying about unexpected spills

  • Holds Up to 200 Lbs.

    Extra strong, tear-resistant bags that can even hold construction debris

  • Reinforced 3-Layer Drawstring

    The only drawstring contractor bag that makes closing the bag easy and dependable

  • Professional Strength

    The ultimate bag for all your heavy-duty jobs

Size Matters

From the construction site to cleaning house, these bags are made for hauling the big stuff.

Dimensions: 34 in x 38 in | 22 in diam | 2.5 mil
  • 48

Won’t fit your bin? Find the perfect bag

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