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Stretchable Strength Stretchable Strength

Tall Kitchen ForceFlex® Drawstring Bags

The Ultimate Bag with Stretchable Strength®.

  • Glad® ForceFlex® bag’s unique Diamond Texture stretches to prevent rips and tears
  • The 3-ply drawstring grips the can so the bag stays in place
  • Stretchable Strength® technology uses less plastic*
  • Available in 13-gallon size

*Compared to other 13-gallon flex-type trash bags.

"Don't settle for cheaper varieties!"

While I may be tempted to purchase lower priced trash bags, they break & often aren't sized appropriately. With Glad Force Flex, the bags always fit the garbage container like a glove everytime & have the strength I need, as the weight builds up fast in our trash. They close easy. (I find with off brands, you have great trouble even locating the drawstrings) so frustrating! I now don't dread taking the garbage out! I would recommend in a heartbeat!

— GAMom13

"One Bag a Week"

Force Flex makes it really easy to fit our family of 3 garbage into one bag a week. No matter how much I stuff the bag, it stretches for me and does not rip. The handles make it easy to tie up and carry to the curb. I only buy the tall kitchen forceflex bags.

— kathicake1