Kitchen ForceFlex® OdorShield® Bags

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Lightly Scented
Haul your largest kitchen loads without tearing the bag and replace the smell of trash with a light clean scent.
Kitchen ForceFlex® OdorShield® Lightly Scented Scent

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Size Matters

Wide enough to fit containers up to 2 feet, fresh enough for smelly laundry.

Dimensions: 2ft x 2ft 7/8 in | 61cm x 63.2cm
  • 13

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  • 3-Ply Drawstring

    The 3-ply drawstring grips the can so the bag stays in place

  • Diamond Texture

    Stretchable diamond texture expands over sharp edges and heavy loads

  • 5 Days Odor-Free

    Neutralizes food odors with time-lapse-tested OdorShield® technology

  • Stretchable Strength

    Haul the heaviest loads without worrying about unexpected spills

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