A real story of generosity ayesha curry

As a Food Network host and cookbook author, Ayesha Curry knows food. But as a mother of two daughters, she also understands its connection to growing up strong: good food is literally the foundation for growth. So when Ayesha learned about No Kid Hungry, a campaign that provides nutritious meals to kids in need, in her words: “I instantly fell in love.”

Sharing food is simple

but can make a huge difference.

For Ayesha, healthy food is a perfect example of how small acts of generosity can improve the world. Preparing a healthy meal is simple, but its results are anything but.

“I love all things food and how it brings people together,” she says.

On a recent visit to the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC), which helps kids ages 6–24 prepare for employment, higher education and leadership opportunities, Ayesha showed exactly how food brings people together. While sharing homemade snacks and eating a meal, she was also able to share conversations with the EOYDC’s staff and local youth.


But it doesn’t take a big visit to make a big impact on the lives of those around you.

“There are so many ways to help besides fundraising that you can do on a daily basis,” says Ayesha. “When you’re preparing a lunch for your child, prepare a little extra food for them to take to school to share with a friend that might not have any. It’s simple, but can make a huge difference.”

Spread the good Kid President

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