Because stale cookies are crummy  - Cookies

Use within 2 weeks

How to Store Cookies

  • Wrap Wrap

    Wrap homemade cookie dough in Press'n Seal, place in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

  • Store Store

    After cookies have been baked and thoroughly cooled, store them in a GladWare® container to keep fresh.

  • Separate Separate

    Put soft cookies in one container and crispy ones in another to keep the soft ones from drying out and the crispy ones from getting mushy.

  • Dry/Moisturize Dry/Moisturize

    If soft cookies are too dry, add an apple wedge to add moisture. If hard cookies are too soft, add a piece of bread to soak up moisture.

Keeps for 6–8 months

How to Freeze Cookies

  • - Cute - Cupcakes

  • - Awesome - Apples

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