Make basil your bae  - Basil

Use within 7–10 days

How to Store Basil

  • Cut Cut

    Cut ends of basil stems.

  • Place Place

    Place stems in a glass container with 1 inch of water.

  • Cover Cover

    Cover loosely with an open Glad® Zipper Bag and leave at room temperature.

  • Don't Don't

    Do not refrigerate, as the cold air will cause leaves to turn black.

Keeps for 4–6 months

How to Freeze  Basil

  • Prepare Prepare

    Stem, wash and dry basil leaves thoroughly. Flash freeze on a sheet pan for 1 hour.

  • Prepare Prepare

    Or, pulse washed basil with a little olive oil. Pack purée into ice cube trays.

  • Transfer Transfer

    Transfer basil or cubes to Glad® Freezer Zipper bags or FreezerWare™ containers and seal.

  • Freeze Freeze

    Remove as much air as possible if using bags. Place in the deepest part of the freezer.

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