Press’n Seal®

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Disney Frozen™
Seal in freshness with a great food wrap and lovely Frozen patterns.
Disney Frozen Collection from Glad<sup>®</sup> Press’n Seal<sup>®</sup>

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The Right Size
for Everything

Ready to wrap anything, even summer squash, up to 11.8 inches wide.

Dimensions: 23.7 yd x 11.8 in | 21.5m x 30cm
  • 70
    sq ft
  • 100
    sq ft
  • 140
    sq ft
  • BPA-Free

    The plastic in Glad® products doesn't not contain any bisphenol A

  • Custom

    Press 'n Seal® seals to itself to make custom bags

  • Multi-Surface

    Clings to multiple surfaces including paper, plastic and wood

  • Microwave

    Glad® containers won't melt or warp in the microwave

Meet Terry

Nobody knows Glad® Press’n Seal® like Terry.