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OvenWare 9×12

Glad® OvenWare does it all. This all-in-one pan can be used in every stage of cooking. Prepare, bake, store and reheat your favorite entrees in this heat-resistant, oven-safe, freezer-ready wonder. Then reuse it after cleaning. And it’s so affordable that you don’t need to worry about leaving it behind at a potluck, either.

OvenWare 9×12
OvenWare 9×12

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"Love It"

I love this product. It is great to give away meals to help out sick friends, busy moms, and to welcome new neighbors to the hood. The great thing they do not have to worry about returning it, they just toss. But I can not find it at grocery stores anymore? What chains carry this product?

— skymom


I bought these containers for freezer cooking--the lid makes them work great for stacking. I also love how durable they are! Having cooked meals in them (oven and microwave) and then washed them in a dishwasher several times, they stand the test of time.

— jennyg316