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FreezerWare™ Small

If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth protecting. Our FreezerWare™ containers are BPA-free and crack-resistant to help protect your favorite foods in the freezer. The Small size contains four 24-oz. plastic food storage containers with interlocking lids that help keep frost out, and freshness in.  Watch the video –>

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FreezerWare™ Large

FreezerWare™ Variety Pack

Also Available

"Love This Product!!"

Keeps food fresh, by sealing tightly. And storing them when not in use is why I like them the most...The lids snap together so you can match them up with the right container with ease.

— Angela

"No Standard Lids"

One of life's little annoyances: reaching into the cupboard for a Glad container and finding that older containers and newer ones don't have standard lids. Now we play the "Which lid goes with which container?" game to find one that fits. Standardized lids to fit all same-size containers would make life so much easier. Do you ever get the feeling that the people who make these decisions don't actually use their own products? Great product that saves food very well, can be used in freezer and microwave, but with that annoying drawback of wasting time finding the right lid.

— OldNana