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  • Kitchen Trash

    Keep your kitchen clean and garbage free with Glad® kitchen trash bags. From tall bags with reinforcing bands, to tear resistant ForceFlex® bags, to Odorshield® bags that neutralize strong odors, there's a variety of sizes and types. So you can choose the bag that'll work hardest for your kitchen.

  • Small Trash

    Avoid messy garbage disasters with dependable Glad® small trash bags. Available in convenient 4- and 8-gallon sizes, they fit just about every bin and basket in the house — from the bathroom to the laundry room. Choose from our original small garbage bags, heavy duty ForceFlex® bags, odor neutralizing bags and more.

  • Large Trash

    From the yard to the kitchen, the toughest jobs call for Glad® Large Trash Bags. Our large bags are tough and dependable, yet surprisingly easy to handle, with convenient, easy-to-seal closures. Whether you choose odor neutralizing bags, lawn and leaf bags, drawstring or quick tie closures, clean up is in the bag.

  • Recycling/Composting

    Glad® composting and recycling bags make it easy to contribute to a cleaner environment. Fill up our indoor and outdoor recycling bags with your recyclables. Throw compost into our biodegradable compost bags, designed to disintegrate along with the compost. And reduce waste with our 65% recycled bag.

Use Glad® food storage containers for leftovers and other DIY uses. Plastic storage containers come in all shapes and sizes ranging from our smallest matchstick size containers for small items like fruit and nuts up to larger freezer size containers which are great for meal prep. The best part is that they are stackable, nesting containers which will help you stay organized and save cabinet space.