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Give a yam about freshness  - Yams

Use within 6 hours

How to Store Yams

  • Don't Don't

    Don’t keep whole yams in the refrigerator.

  • Use Use

    Yams should be used right away.

  • Place Place

    Once peeled and cut, yams can be placed into a large bowl and fully submerged in water.

  • Cover Cover

    Cover the bowl loosely with Glad® Press'n Seal® wrap.

Keeps for 10–12 months

How to Freeze Yams

  • Cook Cook

    Cook yams as desired, then mash or slice them to prepare for freezing.

  • Place Place

    Place in a Freezer Zipper bag or FreezerWare™ container, leaving 1/2-inch headroom.

  • Freeze Freeze

    Seal, removing excess air (if using bags) then place in deepest part of the freezer.

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