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Improve your squash game.  - Winter Squash

2–4 weeks when whole

How to Store Winter Squash

  • Place Place

    Whole winter squash should be placed in a cool, dry place outside of the refrigerator.

  • Seal Seal

    Once peeled and cut, squash should be sealed in a GladWare® food protection container.

  • Refrigerate Refrigerate

    Store in the refrigerator.

Use within 12 months

How to Freeze  Winter Squash

  • Prepare Prepare

    Prepare raw squash by peeling, removing seeds and cutting into 1-inch chunks.

  • Transfer Transfer

    Spread chunks on a baking sheet and place in the freezer for 2–3 hours before transferring to Glad® Freezer Zipper Bag or FreezerWare™ food protection container.

  • Place Place

    Place in the deepest part of the freezer.

  • Pack Pack

    To freeze cooked squash, blend or puree until smooth and pack into FreezerWare containers. Place in deepest part of the freezer.