Why Freeze Tomatoes?

If you want to make sure you have tasty tomatoes all year long, a quick and easy tactic is to freeze them. Instead of canning your own, freezing is a relatively simple process. No special equipment is needed, it’s extremely convenient, and you can store as many as you’d like. Most likely, everything you need to freeze your tomatoes is sitting right in your kitchen.

How to Freeze Tomatoes

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to freeze your tomatoes to maintain perfection. It is a speedy process that will come in handy when you want that fresh taste year-round.

Step 1. Blanch:

Put your tomatoes into a pot of boiling water for 60–90 seconds. Once the tomato skins split open, transfer tomatoes into a bowl of ice water to cool. After taking them out, you’ll find the skin is easy to strip away from the rest of the tomato. Before blanching, you can even cut a shallow “X” on the bottom of each tomato to make sure the skin will come off easily.

Step 2. Prepare:

Remove the stems and core the tomatoes. You can freeze them whole, but if you want to maximize storage space and leave room for all your other frozen goods, core them.

Step 3. Store:

Place your tomatoes into Glad Freezer Zipper Quart Bags or FreezerWare. These bags and containers are optimal for food storage because they keep food fresh and stay sealed to keep unwanted air from getting in. Ensure all unwanted air is pushed out before sealing and find a place for your tomatoes in the freezer.

Storing Frozen Tomatoes

When storing your tomatoes, try to store them lying flat. The shape they take when they freeze will be the shape they remain in, which could be important depending on what you use them for. Storing your tomatoes can take up a good amount of freezer space, so make sure you have enough room before starting the process.

How Long They’ll Last

Make sure you keep the temperature of the freezer at 0°F or below to ensure proper freezing. Frozen tomatoes will retain their flavor for 12 months. This gives you plenty of time to thaw them to use in your favorite sauce, stew, or soup recipes. Frozen tomatoes lose their texture once they are thawed, so they are best used in recipes that don’t require them to be in their original state — like marinara sauce. Once your frozen tomatoes are cooked down, they are a great treat during the winter months.

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