The best way to store shallots is whole. Whole shallots can be placed uncovered in the refrigerator.

Chopped or sliced shallots can be sealed in a food storage bag like Glad® Flex'n Seal® Food Storage Quart Bags. They stretch to hold 30% more*, giving you 30% more chances to shake up your palate with shallot!

How long do shallots last in the fridge? Once cut, shallots will last several days if they are sealed in plastic bags and refrigerated. Whole shallots stored in the refrigerator will keep for 2 months.

* Compared to similar sized Glad® standard bags.

Can You Freeze Shallots?

Yes! You can freeze shallots! First, you must peel then slice or mince the shallot. Next, place in a freezer safe bag such as Glad® Flex'n Seal® Freezer Gallon Bags, remove as much excess air as possible, then seal. Finally, place in the freezer for optimum freshness. Remember that once thawed, frozen shallots can be used for cooking only rather than used raw.

How long do shallots last in the freezer? Stored following the aforementioned steps prepped shallots will keep up to 3 months.

Thou shallot keep thy onions fresh all year long!

For food safety, always clean your hands and surfaces before and after handling food. Remember to keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40°F (4° C). The freezer temperature should be 0°F (-18° C).

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