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Fresh veggies are the radish-t  - Radishes

Use within 1 week

How to Store Radishes

  • Prep Prep

    Remove radish greens and gently scrub radishes under cold water to remove dirt and grit.

Keeps for 10–12 months in Freezer Zipper Bags; 5–6 months in FreezerWare™

How to Freeze  Radishes

  • Wash Wash

    Wash radishes well, scrubbing off all the dirt, then slice thinly.

  • Blanch Blanch

    In a large pot of boiling water, blanch slices for 2–3 mins. Then, remove and plunge in ice water for 2–3 mins.

  • Place Place
  • Freeze Freeze

    Seal, removing as much air as possible (from bags). Place in the deepest part of the freezer.