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Don't go nuts storing your coconuts  - How to Freeze and Store Coconuts

Use within 3–4 weeks when whole4–6 days when cut or grated

How to Store How to Freeze and Store Coconuts

  • Refrigerate Refrigerate

    Place whole coconuts in a dark, cold part of the refrigerator.

  • Open Open

    Puncture two of the eyeholes and set the coconut over a bowl to collect the juice. Tap with a hammer until the coconut opens.

  • Cut Cut

    Cut the meat from the shell and scrape off the brown skin. Grate meat or cut into small pieces.

  • Store Store

    Place in a GladWare® food protection container, cover tightly and refrigerate.

Keeps up to 8 months fresh; 12 months dried

How to Freeze  How to Freeze and Store Coconuts

  • Shred Shred

    Shred or cut into chunks once out of the shell.

  • Pack Pack

    Pack into FreezerWare™ storage container and cover with coconut liquid. Leave headspace room.

  • Place Place

    Place dried coconut into into a Freezer Zipper bag and seal.

  • Freeze Freeze

    Remove as much air as possible if using bags. Place in the deepest part of the freezer.

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