The 411 on How to Store Bread

From sourdough bread to homemade banana bread, there’s more than one way to extend the life of your go-to carbs. A little air can help keep crust firm, so start by putting your bread in a bread box or paper bag. For best results, keep your bread in a cabinet, drawer or on the counter, and avoid storing bread in warm spots, such as above the refrigerator.

How to Freeze Bread Like a Pro

When it comes time to freeze bread, start with a simple question: Will you be freezing bread for just a few weeks or a bit longer? From there, it’s easy to prep for storing bread.

How to store bread you’ll use within three weeks:

  • • Pop store bought bread right in the freezer. That’s it!
  • • Wrap homemade bread tightly in plastic wrap, such as Glad® Press’n Seal®. Then, tuck it into your freezer.
  • • Drop rolls and buns into a plastic bag, like Glad® FLEX'N SEAL™ Gallon Bags, before placing them in the freezer.

How to freeze bread you won’t use for at least three weeks: First, wrap it tightly in a plastic wrap like Glad® Press’n Seal®. Then, place it in a plastic bag, such as Glad® FLEX'N SEAL™ Gallon Bags. Scribble the day’s date on the bag, place it in the freezer and be sure to use it within three months.

Quick and Easy Tips on How to Thaw Bread

Is your frozen bread already sliced? Sweet. Just pop those babies in the toaster and enjoy. Is your frozen bread in a whole loaf? No sweat. Just leave it on the counter for a while. Then, remove the wrapping and heat at 350°F for about 10 minutes.

Here’s How Long Bread Lasts

So now that you know how to store bread, you’re probably wondering how long it will last. When you store bread at room temperature, it typically lasts three to five days. Frozen bread often lasts up to three months before freezer burn sets in.

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